Rock Voices e-Cookbook

A downloadable treat!

To purchase this downloadable cookbook, do this: add it to your cart and make your payment. Then, a new screen comes up that says “Thank you. Your order has been received”. Scroll DOWN till you see a black button with “Rock Voices e-Cookbook 2022” in white letters. Click on that link to download your e-cookbook and save it to your device.



Thanks to West Hartford members Bob Breno, Nancy Taylor and Susan Williams, here is Rock Voices’ first (but maybe not the last?) e-cookbook. This fundraiser for Rock Voices has garnered over 100 recipes from many of our members! You’ll want to sample the Downbeat Dill Dip, and maybe serve up a bowl of Smashing Pumpkin Soup or try Proud Mary’s Meatloaf. And who could resist Hall & Oatmeal Cookies? Who knew supporting Rock Voices could be so delicious?