COVID Protocols

These protocols apply to all singers, volunteers and employees.

Click here to read about how we arrived at our spring 2023 covid policy


If you are sick, or think you may have been exposed to COVID, do not attend rehearsal in person. Monitor yourself for symptoms, and test with an at-home rapid-result antigen test. Once you are no longer symptomatic, you must test negative on two successive days (using a rapid-result at-home antigen test, NOT a PCR test) before returning to rehearsals.

Members may attend more than one rehearsal in a week. If you are visiting other choirs, please do so responsibly: take an at-home rapid-result covid antigen test before leaving home. If you test positive, please notify us, stay home and take good care of yourself.


Everyone must provide proof of CDC-recommended vaccines and booster shots. (The CDC recommends a booster five months after your last vaccination.) To find a booster shot near you, use this link.

Masking is optional. The Rock Voices Central Office will continue to track available data on local wastewater surveillance data and case/hospitalization/death rates. We will evaluate that data along with current trends in your area. If masking is recommended for your community, or if your rehearsal venue requires masking, your group will be notified via email and in person. Those wishing to mask at any time may do so regardless of our policy. We strongly suggest that if you are opting to wear a mask, you opt for a disposable N95 or equivalently-rated face mask. This link can help you identify NIOSH-approved masks.


If you realize you have been exposed to COVID, please notify us by emailing so we can notify your fellow choir members. We will not identify you in that situation.

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Albany NY – Saturday April 22, 7pm 
Auburn & Framingham MA – Sunday May 7, 4pm
Bedford MA – Saturday April 29, 7pm
Brattleboro VT – Friday April 21, 7pm
Brookline MA – Saturday April 22, 7pm
Brooklyn NY – Saturday April 29, 8pm
Buffalo NY – Sunday April 30, 4pm 
Framingham & Auburn MA – Sunday May 7, 4pm
Keene NH – Sunday April 30, 4pm 
Northampton MA – Saturday April 29, 7pm
Portland OR – Saturday April 29, 3pm
Saratoga NY – Sunday April 23, 4pm
Syosset NY – Sunday April 23, 4:30pm
Syracuse NY – Saturday April 29, 7pm
West Hartford CT – Friday April 28, 7:30pm

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