Nathan Altimari

Nate Altimari has spent the past 20 years working in vocal music. As an arranger he has worked with high school, collegiate and professional groups all over the country, garnering many awards and features on “best-of” compilation albums. As a director he has founded and led many groups to international acclaim and brought unknown groups to the height of awareness in the a cappella community. Nate is an award-winning vocalist as a member of his group Firedrill! which is based in Boston, MA. As a clinician, Nate has led workshops and masterclasses in vocal performance, stage performance, rehearsal techniques, ensemble singing, arranging and vocal percussion at festivals all over the country, including SoJam, VoCal Nation, N.E. Voices, Voices of the 603, Kettering, Ohio A Cappella Festival, Clarkston Michigan A Cappella Festival and others. Nate currently works as a vocalist, Voice Actor and producer in Albany NY where he and his family have settled.