Matt Goldstein

Matt Goldstein is a vocal arranger, singer/songwriter, and performing arts educator who has crafted musical pieces for artists and ensembles around the globe. Ever since graduating from Vassar College with a degree in Music & Drama, Matt has worked as a professional full-time music-maker: composing custom vocal arrangements, writing & performing original music as The King of the Lost Boys, and teaching both private lessons and group masterclasses. He recently earned both awards for Best Professional Arrangement (Scholastic & Non-Scholastic) at the 2020 CARA awards (the a cappella GRAMMYS), and his arranging work has garnered him numerous awards at a cappella festivals such as the ICCA, BOSS, and SoJam. He has led vocal ensembles such as Hyannis Sound and The Vassar Devils to place at international vocal competitions, record multiple award-winning albums, and even to perform for President and First Lady Obama at the White House in 2015. Most recently, he has been incorporating vocal improvisation and mindfulness techniques into his craft as he seeks to facilitate experiences that allow singers to express themselves freely, create & collaborate with joy, and build close-knit community. He is endlessly amazed by the power of music and theater to spin magic out of thin air and generate genuinely connective experiences between audience and ensemble, and has dedicated his career to the study of this powerful magic.