Membership Policies and Code of Conduct

While there are no auditions to attend Rock Voices rehearsals during the Open House period, there are some requirements for continued participation beyond the Open House:

1. All members must be 18+ years of age. Exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis for minors no younger than 17, with prior approval of the director. All minors must participate non-disruptively and be accompanied at all choir events (including rehearsals) by a parent or guardian.

2. All choir members must participate in a manner that is conducive to productive and successful ensemble work, toward a common performance goal. This includes following the director’s instructions, taking direction, moving to a different section if asked by the director, keeping side conversations and other distractions (including personal screen and phone use) to a minimum, maintaining singing volume at a level similar to those around them, and being able to blend their pitch and timing with surrounding singers.

3. The director may determine that a member is struggling to maintain singing volume, match pitch, and/or stay in time with other chorus members in a fashion that is not conducive to productive and successful ensemble work.  If this happens, the director will privately and amicably discuss the matter with the member  before determining whether or not it is an issue that can be addressed within the confines of rehearsals. If the director determines that the challenges cannot reasonably be addressed in rehearsals, the member may be asked to withdraw, and a full refund will be issued of any dues they have already paid for that season.

4. Some people may require the assistance of a support person in order to successfully participate in activities like Rock Voices. Anyone who requires a support person should be accompanied to all choir events (including rehearsals) by that support person. A support person must be sought out and financed by the member and/or their representative. If the aide is a non-participatory support person, they may attend with no tuition fee. Support people who participate as ensemble members must pay tuition. Anyone for whom this presents a hardship may apply for financial aid. Any other requests about accessibility and accommodation should be addressed to Rock Voices Executive Director Tony Lechner at ( and such requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis in line with the organization’s ability to meet its foundational purposes without undue hardship.

5. Anyone who is deemed by the director to threaten the physical and/or emotional safety of one or more choir members will be asked to leave and not return in perpetuity. If a member is asked to leave for this reason, no refund will be issued.

6.  Members must comply with all policies outlined in our Code Of Conduct, which is available here: CODE OF CONDUCT. It is also placed at the front of every member’s music book each season.